• Project Management
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Practice Transformation
  • Implementation Support

Project Strategy, Management and Implementation

Improving Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare Processes and Practices

GLS Healthcare Consulting offers a full range of IT project management services tailored to address the challenging systems requirements in inpatient, ambulatory, ancillary and ESRD settings for hospitals and healthcare providers in northern New Jersey.

We provide a clearly defined Statement of Work, outlining the scope of each project. Services offered may include:

Directing, leading and facilitating the implementation and support of technology, programs, and services, across the healthcare facilities and physician practices.

A complete evaluation the client’s workflow, needs, conversion and interface requirements, staff responsibilities, and the overall environment as it relates to integrating new systems to support your organization.

Development, management and execution of the implementation plans which includes development of project charters, establishing vendor relationships, pre-implementation meetings, system setup and configuration, file maintenance, scheduling, application training, go live planning and support.



Provider Order Entry

Appointment Scheduling





Project Management

GLS will work with your internal resources as well as external project resources to develop a project timeline and scope of work for each integration project based on agreed upon scope of work, coordinate team meetings, maintain an issue log, and provide monthly project status reports. Management of projects consists of directing, leading and facilitating the implementation and support of technology, programs, and services across the enterprise and physician practices where affected.

Process Improvement/Practice Transformation

As part of an organization’s goals to continually improve quality and efficiency of healthcare processes and practices, GLS will work with you to document current workflow processes and identify resources and pathways to leverage existing or emerging technologies as part of the implementation plan or independent of system integration activities. Key functions include workflow analysis of direct and indirect processes and education planning for staff and or management.

Workflow Analysis

Interviews with areas and individuals facilitating the necessary processes to support integration or impacted by integration will be conducted and documented. Supporting documentation for decision paths will be developed and presented for discussion to the project team. Potential issues impacting the workflow as a result of the integration will be documented via the issue log and reviewed by your project team.

Testing Coordination

GLS will work with you in the coordination of test activities including the review of test plans, preparation of testing locations and reporting of test results to the project team. Development of test scenarios will be developed in conjunction with your resources.

Education Planning

GLS will assist in preparing the training and education plan as needed including contributions to the training material and preparation of the test/train environments related to establishment of test patients, log in id’s etc.

Go Live Planning and Support

GLS will assist in the development of the Go Live Plan to include a detailed countdown task list and support schedule. Subsequent support is also available.

GLS Healthcare Consultant Natalie Rowe is an experienced Project and Implementation Manager, specializing in the Healthcare industry since 1993.

GLS helps hospitals and outpatient facilities implement new patient management and clinical informations systems across enterprise and physician practices. Natalie Rowe supports your organization with key tasks to successfully integrate people, systems and processes.

Natalie has 20 years experience in project management and system implementation for patient and clinical IT applications, in hospital and outpatient settings.

  • Project Management for various Healthcare IT Implementations
  • Implementation & Configuration
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Process Improvement/Re-Engineering
  • RFP/RFI Development and Vendor Analysis
  • Education/Training
  • Unit and Integration Testing

Client Project Case Studies

McKesson Implementation

McKesson Implementation

Implementation of the McKesson peri-operative, accounts payable and material management system at a multi-entity facility. Key deliverables consisted of conversions of the supporting databases including vendor, materials, payables, preference cards and scheduling as well as the transition from paper to electronic peri-operative records.

Soarian Clinical Conversion

Soarian Clinical Conversion

Conversion/implemenation of Invision Clinicals to Soarian Clinicals across a multi-entity facility comprising of over 700 physicians and 1500 clinicians and support staff. Key deliverables consisted of a historical conversion of demographic and clinical data as well as the re-design of the order entry and clinical documentation modules.
Pilot implementation of Soarian Computerized Provider Order Entry.

Athena Enterprise Transition

Athena Enterprise Transition

Transition of two cardiology hospital outpatient departments from standalone eCW platforms to an enterprise platform. Key deliverables included a patient conversion/migration to the enterprise database and the implementation of Athena appointment scheduling and billing. Design and implementation of a registration and billing interface solution was also achieved to facilitate technical billing.

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